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Cast of Characters

PC (Prince Charming) — my devoted husband

Beernut — our 11 year old son

Poppyseed – our 8 year old daughter

Peach — our 5 year old son

BubbeGiraffe — my mom

ZaydeGiraffe (or BossGiraffe) — my dad

PapaBear — my grandfather

PepGiraffe (or PG) — my sister

JockBro (or Jock) — my #1 younger bro (birth order)

Syl — Jock’s wife and my sister

Sunflower — Jock and Syl’s 4 year old daughter

Bluebonnet — Jock and Syl’s 2 year old daughter!

Ace — my #2 younger bro

Bette — Ace’s wife and my newest sister!

SuperMom — my dear, dear friend…who is just amazing at everything she does. If I didn’t already love her deeply, I’d be consumed with jealousy.

SuperMom’s Other Half (SMOH) — a true Ezer K’negdo (fitting partner) to SuperMom…and a good friend to PC.

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