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Four Recent Experiences That Made Me Feel Like My Mother

Monday, 13 February 2006

They say that at some point we are keenly aware that we have become our parents. Over the past 48 hours, I have had not one, not two, not three, but four experiences that brought me back to my childhood. Except now, I am the mommy and not the child.

1. Taking Beernut to the Pediatrician.
For a variety of reasons, we have decided to switch the kids to my childhood pediatrician. Since they are healthy, it seemed like a good idea to take a trip to the practice under calm circumstances. When Dr. P came in, he drew a face on a tongue depressor. I had totally forgotten that Dr. P and his partners do that. I can’t tell you how many of those sticks we must have had around the house. In fact, I am confidant that ACE (PepGiraffe explains the monikers here.) probably still has a stockpile of decorated depressors hidden in the ole’ homestead somewhere. It just felt so comforting to see that some things never change.

2. Wearing Bangle Bracelets.
Certain sounds just take you right back to days of yore. When I was little, my mom used to wear four gold bangle bracelets. My dad had given her each one to celebrate each birth of their children. Do you think that it was weird to just wear one? After all, PepGiraffe didn’t show up until I was two. Did my mom only wear one? One bangle doesn’t make any noise so I’m not sure I would have noticed. Whenever I wear my bracelets, the sound reminds me of my mom. It’s a mom sound. Hey, I make a mom sound now…

3. Poppyseed Watching Me Get Ready for Work.
I loved to sit and watch my mom get ready for receptions or any of the other rebbetzin things for which she would get farpitzed. I thought she was so beautiful. “One day,” I thought, “I’m going to get dressed just like her.” One day is here…and Poppyseed tell me that I look pretty.

4. Beernut Zipping Up My Dress.
If my dad was already finished getting ready and my mom needed help with the zipper, then I got to help. I couldn’t reach my zipper as I was getting ready for the Hall of Fame dinner last night. PC is in NYC for business (and poker with my sibs) and I needed some assistance. Beernut, who is growing more every day, still needed to stand on the bed in order to zip me up. He felt like such a big helper…and I felt like such a mom.

Will my children remember? Will they look back on days like this and remember these moments?

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  1. gwheathie permalink
    Tuesday, 14 February 2006 5:11 pm

    I had no idea what Mom’s bracelets represented.

  2. Rivster permalink
    Tuesday, 14 February 2006 5:49 pm

    Really?? Isn’t that cool??

    One time Mom actually lost one. Any guess which one it was??

    It was replaced right away, of course.

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