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Is this a sign?

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

So I haven’t run a blessed step since I completed my first (only?) marathon exactly four months ago.

Then, out of nowhere, I receive a package from Nike. To thank me for my “outstanding fundraising accomplishments” in the Nike Women’s Marathon last fall! These are not your average parting gifts either.


  • one Imara Run watch

  • one Women’s Large Duffel Bag

  • one pair of Shox lightweight socks

  • one shoe wallet

  • one hydration pack

When PC saw these gifts, he remarked, “too bad you’ve given up running.”

I’ve had a few days to mull this over and now I’m thinking “maybe it’s a sign.”

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  1. PepGiraffe permalink
    Wednesday, 1 March 2006 2:21 pm

    This is a sign. This is a sign that the marathon people are really behind on their thank you gifts. It’s also a sign (if you look at the shoe wallet) that with enough money, you can get anything made.

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