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Colour Appreciation

Monday, 28 May 2007

Earlier this week, I had the occasion to see into the future. I took my almost 4-year old daughter shopping and had visions of shopping trips yet-to-come as she gleefully went from store to store. At the Gap, Little Miss Poppyseed picked out this outfit:

It really is a cute outfit and she was really excited to get it in anticipation of being the Shabbat Star at school next week.

Not long after we had ducked into Macy’s to find a bathroom, I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me.

“Oh! My! God! Look at those bags!”

{We had just entered the purse department}

“And they have jewelery here too!”

{She was beside herself}

On our way out of Macy’s, we went through the shoe department where Poppyseed carefully pointed out her favourite shoes. Most of which, I might add, were by designers such as Ferragamo, Coach, and so forth. She is going to have some expensive habits, I’m afraid.

Stopping by Mrs. Bearsley’s for a mid-shopping cookie, Poppyseed spied the cupcakes. I pointed out that cupcakes were pretty messy and given her track record, would stain her outfit.

“I could eat that one,” she reasoned, “it matches my new outfit perfectly!”

So it does, my dear daughter. And so it does.

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