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Monday, 11 June 2007

I keep a running blog in my head most of the day — but until they have discovered a way for thoughts to print directly to the blog…

Well, anyway…

Quite a week this past week was. We’ll start with Beernut. Poor Beernut. Having finally finished his soft food diet due to the “accident” last month, Beernut developed pink eye in his left eye. 5 days of drops (twice daily) was awful enough — until it moved to the right eye and we had to extend the drop administration. Ugh! His school had the 10th annual Dance Day and he proudly danced the Hokey Pokey with the rest of the first graders.

During the dance program, I got to chatting with some of the other moms. You know the ones. The “other moms.” The ones who volunteer hours upon hours in the classrooms, know all the mommy tricks, and have everything pulled together all of the time.

In other words, not me.

So I was talking to our Room Moms about the end of the year party. Turns out that Beernut’s last day of school is this week. Guess I didn’t get that memo. For some reason, I thought that it was next week. Anyway, one of our Room Moms is the co-president of the PTO and other one, in addition to chasing after her 4 kids with nary a hair out-of-place, is the Room Mom for TWO of her kids. How DO these women do it??

I took the opportunity to ask the PTO president if there was any way to move the Fall Family Fun Night off of a Friday night and onto a Thursday night. She told me that it was always done on a Friday. I pointed out that there was a time that it was on Thursdays. She didn’t realize that Jews had their Sabbath on Fridays (thought it was just a Saturday thing) and told me that we couldn’t move it just to accomodate a few families.

Guess we’ll be missing it again next year…

Lil’ Miss Poppyseed completed her year in the 3 year old classroom.

Starting the in the fall, our little girl will be in Pre-Kindergarten. That just doesn’t seem possible. She is such a big girl! She is spending the weekend with PC’s parents down in San Diego, allowing us to enjoy “the boys” and have some quality time with Beernut. (Peach is too little to understand “quality time.”)

BTW — Beernut has figured out why he and Poppyseed don’t listen to me.

“You’re not scary enough, Mom.”
“I don’t want to be scary.”
“But if you’re not scary, we won’t listen to you.”


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