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Beware the 21st Elul!

Monday, 3 September 2007

OK so it doesn’t have quite the same ring as the Ides of March. But the 21st of Elul means that there is just over one week until the 1st of Tishrei — and you know what that means!! That’s right — Rosh Hashannah! The Jewish New Year is almost upon us.

And as usual, I am behind.

Woefully behind!

In fact, not one thing is actually ready at this point in time.

My sermon? Not done. Started. Definitely started. Nearly completed, actually. But not yet done so I don’t get to check it off my list.

Music prep? Not done. Started. Definitely started. Several more hours of rehearsals left with my uber-fabulous accompanist. Then I will be done and I get to check that off my list.

Service prep? Not even started!

Outfits? Not a clue. Ugh — that will have to wait until next week! And I need to get clothes for the kids — ay yi yi…

Mikvah? Appointment made. Finally, something I can check off of my list.

Sephora? Not until the week of RH.

I’m certain that I’m forgetting something…

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