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Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

Monday, 24 December 2007

It was supposed to be a relaxing, kick-back day. A cough had reappeared sometime yesterday and I knew that some serious sleep would be in order if I am going to overcome it. Our daytime plans had fallen through so PC graciously offered to take all three kids off my hands. Well, two kids, actually. Poor Peach drew the short stick and was looking at a day of daycare.

And that’s when I saw it. Or them, I should say. Nits. Crawling around my Poppyseed’s beautiful brown hair.


Not very rabbinic, I know. But come on, folks, LICE. We’re talking about LICE. Digusting little parasites feeding off the scalp of one of my progeny. It’s really gross.

PC ran to the drugstore and returned with several lice-removal kits. I chose one and got to work while PC got Peach to school. Poor Poppyseed. It took several hours to comb through her hair. And it hurt.

PC, realizing how lucky he was that Mommy was doing the nit-picking, offered to do a lunch run and run any other errands. He was supplied with the following list:

1. red Gatorade
Beernut added a new medication to his regimen and finds that red Gatorade helps him swallow the pill!!
2. M & M’s
Poppyseed is a chocolate whore and we figured that if we ply her with chocolate that perhaps she will forgot this horrific ordeal.
3. Augmentin
To deal with my bronchial infection.
4. Combs
We are going to need these to keep checking the kids’ hair.
5. Robetussin DM
Anything to supress this annoying cough.

Handed the list the PC. Thanks, PC.

PC returned rather quickly (for him) with lunch. Nothing else. He wanted to get the food to us quickly. What a doll!

Plus, he had misplaced the list.

So I dictated another one. And off he went.

The phone rang.

Apparently PC misplaced his list.

OK — so PC returned with everything and we then tackled the task of stripping all the linens, towels, bed clothing, etc. Stuffed animals that were washable went in with them. The ones that can’t be washed are being quarantined for two weeks along with any dress-up clothing that is not washable. Figured that at the very least, the kids should learn a new word and quarantine is such a fun sounding term, don’t you think? We vaccummed anything else that wasn’t nailed down…and even some things that are.

Did I mention how gross this is??

Went over to Mom and DadGiraffe in order to visit with JockGiraffe, Syl, and Sunflower who are in town for the week from NYC. Not five minutes into our visit…yep, more lice visable in Poppyseed’s hair. Another trip to the drugstore in PC’s future. “Since you’re going out…some more M & M’s might be a good idea. And you might wanna fill the gas tank while you’re out.”

So, back to the drugstore for PC.

While the rest of the family enjoyed a yummy dinner, Poppyseed and I bonded during her second delousing session of the day. By the time it was over, any and all appetite was long gone.

Arriving home to find piles of laundry, we kept the kids up long enough to dry their linens and remake their beds. They were so tired they were actually begging to go to sleep.

So tomorrow is another day. Still have to get gas…somehow PC managed to forget to do it. We’ve really got to work on that…

And to all a good night.

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