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Friday, 4 January 2008

So it’s a darn good thing that I catagorically reject the entire premise of “The Secret” or else I’d be worried that I was at fault.

But I think it’s just due to bacteria. Yeah, bronchitis. Again.

“Do you spend a lot of time out in the cold?” Inquired my doctor.

Mind you, we live in Southern California so I’d have to make a concerted effort to first find the cold and then spend “a lot of time” in it.

I told her that cold weather can’t really make you sick. That just an old bubbe meise. And my Canadian-Vietnamese doctor actually knew that because she went to a Jewish high school in Toronto! Anyway, she agreed that although it can’t make one sick to be in the cold, temperature can be bad for already weakened lungs like mine 😦


So I promised to “just pop into the office” en route to the pharmacy. Apparently the rest of my town is sick because the predicted 30 minute wait was a highly optomistic guess. So I went next door to wait in the bookstore…with the other score of patients!! So the line there was awful.

Now I am back at the pharmacy, sick, hungry, tired, grumpy, not feeling well, and really needing to pump. Waiting for what they guess (based on ???) will be another 10-15 minutes.

But if I had not had this frustrating experience, I would have missed Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up.”

Takes me right back. Ah how I love 80’s music 😉

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