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Is it just me??

Thursday, 24 January 2008

It turns out that Jamie Lynn Sigler is Jewish. You know…Meadow….from The Sopranos? [I’ve never actually seen the show, but I’ve heard of it!] Anyway, Siegler made big news this week because she recently went on a Birthright trip and apparently had a meaningful experience.

“But it was only touring in Israel, during her recent visit to the country, that she said she felt a true spiritual and emotional connection to her roots.” (read more at JTA)

I think Israel is great. And I also think that a trip to Israel can make a big impact on one’s Jewish identity as well as forging a connection to the land itself. And thanks to the foresight and generosity of a few HUGE benefactors, young Jewish adults between the ages of 18-26 who have never participated in a peer Israel program can travel to Israel for a free 10-day trip.

So what seems out-of-place???

The free part. Birthright is meant to give just a taste of Israel to people who would otherwise not be able to make the trip. I’ve gotta think that after six years on a critically-acclaimed television series she might not fall into that category.

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  1. Thursday, 24 January 2008 7:42 pm

    yes, i agree. but on the other hand, how are we to judge all different people and isn’t that the point of birthright — it offers the free trips regardless of economic status. sometimes someone offering you something for free means you’ll do it. if she always *could* go to israel because she could afford it, maybe she wouldn’t necessarily go. but with the group, with the “freebie” she was willing to give it a try. i think that would be the birthrighters argument back atcha…so i thought i’d give it a try.

    although as i said at the beginning, i agree with you. it does seem silly when people who are perfectly capable of paying take the free trip. on the other hand… (here i go again, just call me tevye) maybe she’ll make a big donation to birthright and that will call it all good.

    got any more hands for me? lol.

  2. Friday, 25 January 2008 9:30 am

    Can you pay and still go on the Birthright trip, or can you only go if it’s free?

  3. Frume Sarah permalink
    Wednesday, 30 January 2008 10:40 am

    One could argue that having celebreties go n Birthright draws attention to the program and might even inspire others to go on the trip. I for one am not a huge Birthright fan insofar as I hear more and mroe of my families say that they are putting off the longer teen trips that will cost them money in lieu of the 10-day free Birthright trip. And as great as Birthright is…it is a last-ditch effort to grab those kids who otherwise would not be going to Israel. It was not meant to be in place of the longer trips.

    And no, PG, one cannot pay and go on Birthright (to the best of my knowledge.).

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