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Two Down…

Monday, 30 June 2008

Tonight was the second of ten tennis classes. I continue to be the WORST player in the class.

Let’s walk through this. Last week was the first class. Prior to that event, I had never held a racket in my hand. EVER. We “learned” how to hit the ball using a forehand shot. I actually did practice during the week but believe that the additional practice caused a slight amount of regression.

Class #2. Instructor hits balls to us and I am feeling pretty good. I hit most of them. They don’t all stay on the court. Some don’t even make it over the fence. But I make contact and, most importantly, use correct form.

Just when I am feeling a modicum of pride, we move on. Backhand. And that’s when things start to fall apart.

Not one. Not one ball did I manage to hit. Good try. You’ve almost got it. “This guy lies like a rug,” I think, “I haven’t hit one ball. What have I almost got?” I start to notice that he is sending more balls to the other students. Or am I just being touchy?

[In my defense, I am right-handed and my sub-dominant side is weak, weak, weak! Was a real problem when I played the piano. My left hand always lagged just a split second behind my right.]

My turn. Dave decides that hitting a ball to me is doing nothing to help the situation. So he walks right in front of me and gently tosses the ball in my general direction.





You read that correctly. Four balls. Four hits. I did it!

On my next turn, he steps back and hits them to me.

Damn! Not a one.

Dave then notices my problem (or should I say one of my problems). Just as the ball is about to make contact with my sweet spot, I do a little dip thing with the racquet.


Slight adjustment in my swing and…





A little insight goes a long way.

Feeling a bit more confidant…and then the game changes again. Now we need to alternate forehand and backhand.

Reminded me of college-level Hebrew. First class introduces the alef-bet and by the next class students are expected to sound out words.

And my favourite part? When he calls us “girls!”

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  1. megan permalink
    Tuesday, 1 July 2008 5:54 pm

    i totally understand the frustration with the backhand…i could never master it when i played tennis!!

  2. Frume Sarah permalink
    Wednesday, 2 July 2008 5:36 pm

    Even though you golf? I’m surprised because Dave keeps telling us that a good backhand is like some golf stroke. Which is just not helpful to me 😦

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