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In the Blink of An Eye

Monday, 14 July 2008

Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. Jonathan Larson challenges us to measure a year of one’s life. Moments. Snapshots. Memories. But in the life of a child, a year is so much more. Take a certain five year old. One year of her life is 20%. That is significant. A tremendous amount of growth and maturation happen during 20% of anyone’s life but most especially during childhood.

And, as Poppyseed learned this week, loss can happen as well and that can be frightening.

Driving in the car, Poppyseed began to shriek as though in pain.

“Oh no!!”

“What’s wrong, Pop?”

“I can’t remember anymore!”

“What can’t you remember?”

“God. Tell me what She feels like. I don’t remember Her anymore!”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard such panic in her voice.

“Remember Poppyseed? You used to tell me what it was like before you were born. You used to tell me about how you and God would play together?”

“I can’t remember anything!” she sobbed.

Is this how it happens? Is this how our connection with the Divine is severed? She has always spoken so intimately about God. I just assumed that meant I could shield her from whatever it is that happens to cause so many to lose that bond. Was I wrong to believe that the disconnection did not have to be inevitable?

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