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Lesson Learned?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Why did I not just stay in bed?

I mean, the doctor told me to stay in bed and I wanted to listen to her. I really did.

Beernut has a major project due on Wednesday and I needed to get a few things in advance of his return from school this afternoon.

“But no!” I reasoned, “I must stay in bed.”

And I redoubled my determination not to surrender to Mommy-Guilt. The Mommy-Guilt chiding me to do right by my kid and make certain we had all the supplies in the house so that Beernut could finish his project.

It would have worked except that one of the errands was to get AAA batteries for the wireless keyboard AND mouse. Both of which went dead this weekend.

“I’ll just go gas up the minivan (which was close to empty) and while I am at the gas station, I’ll get some batteries. That’s not really an errand,” I reasoned.

Good plan.

Got to the gas station and while the tank was being filled, I stepped into the Mini-Mart. 2 batteries for 0.59. 4 packages(8 batteries total) = 2.36. Just then, a well-intentioned fellow shopper interrupted, “Ya know, Big Lots! has a huge bin of batteries.”. For reasons I don’t quite understand, I ignored my intuition and put the batteries back on the shelf.

Found the batteries at Big Lots!

1. Not the brand I wanted.
2. 4 batteries for 1.90.
3. Which means 2 packages (8 batteries total) = 3.80.
4. Which makes a loss of 1.44 by taking the well-meaning advice of a stranger.
5. Not to mention the additional 34 minutes I wasted on line @ the store.

Silver lining? Somewhere in SoCal is a gentleman who believes he helped a neighbour. Who am I to diminish his mitzvah???

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  1. Monday, 1 December 2008 5:31 pm

    um….yeah. see. *this* is why you are supposed to be resting, my dear!

  2. Rebgiraffe permalink
    Monday, 1 December 2008 7:42 pm

    As they say in Brooklyn, “Ya shoulda stood in bed!”

  3. Tuesday, 2 December 2008 8:51 am

    Your not going to get better if you keep this up.

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