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Whose Reality?

Monday, 29 December 2008

People protesting at Israeli embassies and consulates. They just want their voices to be heard. Well, where were those voices all of these many months that rockets were falling (and exploding) into populated areas of Israel? And while I believe in free speech, I question any protest in which the signs attack not the policies of the government but make slanderous and hate-filled statements against a certain group of people.

Why is it that the world doesn’t give a bit of interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until Israel takes a firm stand and says “enough!”?

It isn’t as though Israel woke up this past weekend and thought “hey, why don’t we open fire on Gaza just for kicks?”. It was a calculated reaction to the constant barrage of rockets.

Why is it that no one reports that the IDF has slowed their airstrikes and will most likely begin a ground offensive as a pointed move to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible? A move, by the way, that is far riskier to the Israeli soldiers than the airstrikes are.

The news agencies have taken their typical biased position. For a better idea of what is really happening, head on over to Jack. He’s complied a variety of good reads on the subject.

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  1. Tuesday, 30 December 2008 5:06 am

    Here they go again…
    Tears for the poor “David” is falling to the ground convicting the world and the media as biased. Poor poor “apartheid” stat Israel that inspite it´s illegal occupation and violations against the International law and human rights still can´t crube these “subaltred”.

    You are NOT for freedom of speech. Don´t ly.
    Whos reality? Well, your “freedom of speech” only includes the “white” rightous forces and STATE propaganda of Israel. That´s good ISRELI STATE PR shekel spend!

    Israel planned this attack 6 months ago (read Haaretz) and have been very active to brake the truce all these 6 months. Why haven´t the media reported more abou that you think? Why haven´t the world reacted more about the fact that Israel has made Gaza into a CONCENTRATION CAMP? Why?

    No tears, answers with facts plz!

    Why don´t you disconnect your ideology blindness and see that the “biased” media the last 3 days have reported about nothing else that that the ground offensive is about the to take place. What kind of news is that you want?

    “Great news! Today Israel droped a few less 1000 kilo bombs over Gaza and only managed/accidently to kill 10 humans/terrorists.”.

    Yes ENOUGH!

    The certain kind of group of people that SUPPORT and APOLOGIZES for massacre, shoah, apartheid and racisim should be fought in everyway possible. Would that be you?

  2. Tuesday, 30 December 2008 5:09 am

    “I question any protest in which the signs attack not the policies of the government but make slanderous and hate-filled statements against a certain group of people.”

    I demand FACTS for this statement!

    If you have not, you are responsible for the same act you accuse others of!

    How very “Proisraeli”… (and yes, I have facts for that comment, just check history…)

  3. Tuesday, 30 December 2008 5:52 pm

    yeah….i think this time israel is doing a better job on the PR front. did you get a chance to look in on the Twitter Press Conference? Not bad.

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