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What Else Can I Do?

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I am a news junkie under the most normal of circumstances. So you can imagine what happens when there is a matzav (situation) in Israel. We don’t get any of the Israeli channels so I am left to rely on American news organizations and the internet. And today, the war in Gaza has been bumped by the Roland Burris story, which is of legitimate media interest. But all I want to know is what occurred while I was sleeping.

I want to do something, but am limited given my supine position. So I read what’s online and, when necessary, comment or write letters to the editor. [On a Blackberry held up in the air, above my face.] This war is being fought not just on the ground but in the media as well. And that is where we can make a significant impact.

A truly vile article on the Guardian website prompted this response:

Dear Editor,

It is disappointing that the Guardian would post an article from a spokesperson representing a group considered by the EU to be a terrorist organization. Mr. Mish’al’s article is filled with factual inaccuracies for it was Hamas, and not Israel, who repeatedly broke the recent truce. For the past eight years, Hamas has fired rockets into Israel with the explicit goal of destroying the civilian population of Israel — one of the goals of their charter. If their true purpose was to express their outrage against the government of Israel, they could have selected military installations as their targets. However, that has never been their true intention. The utter destruction of Israel is what they are seeking.

I urge you to refrain from allowing such inflammatory and misleading information from appearing in your publication.

Very sincerely,
“Frume Sarah”

I encourage you to respond to such letters or articles with the facts. Talking points may be found atHonest Reporting and Help Us Win.

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  1. Becky Luskin permalink
    Tuesday, 6 January 2009 2:01 pm

    We are glad that your illness has not interfered with your passion and sense of humor … please keep the posts coming!

  2. Tuesday, 6 January 2009 6:28 pm

    good to see you are doing your part while still on bedrest….don’t forget the rest part, tho…

    i definitely sent an email to npr yesterday. i was so furious, i tweeted you about it, i nearly took out my car radio!

    oy vey. (i seem to be saying that a lot more than usual lately)

  3. Tuesday, 6 January 2009 6:52 pm

    Just a note to cheer you on… my mother, z”l, used to work for CAMERA in Boston, when it was just getting started fighting the Boston Globe. I learned a lot from her (about bias in journalism).

    Please keep writing those letters.

  4. Wednesday, 7 January 2009 12:50 am

    Well said.

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