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Day of Love

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

dancing with joy

Just a few days past the saddest day of the year (Tisha b’Av), we find ourselves at the 15th of Av, known as Tu B’Av. It is a sort-of Jewish Valentine’s Day. Tu B’Av celebrates an ancient festival in which young, unmarried women dressed in white and went to dance in the fields. No one knows for certain what happened once the young women got to the field, but one this is for certain. It definitely involved men and matchmaking! Interestingly, it sounds an awful like an ancient tradition involving young unmarried women and men frolicking in fields on Yom Kippur afternoon…

(A WONDERFUL article can be found at My Jewish Learning and at The Jewish Standard.)

Berries Napolean

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to mark this day of love with a special, refreshing dessert for PC.

Happy Tu B’Av, Love!

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