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Final Day

Monday, 5 April 2010

On today’s menu? Matzo-meal Pancakes to tide over the kids until we could eat our normal food options. Using Auntie Lena’s method of cooking. Which is to say, not much in the way of a formal recipe. Auntie Lena was one of my grandma’s shvesters. That’s how I’ve always thought of them. The shvesters. Of course, most of the shvesters were gone long before I arrived on the scene. Only Auntie Ester was still alive when I was young. I have some snippets of memory of Auntie Ester. I didn’t know she spoke English because by the time I knew her, she was a very old woman and had reverted to the Yiddish of her youth. Except that we didn’t know so much Yiddish. So she would translate. Into Russian.

Anyway, the “recipe” calls for some eggs, some milk, some matzo meal, and, if it’s on hand, matzo cake meal. In other words, you do it by feel.

The result? The little Frummies LOVED them. Beernut, who had declared a matzah strike earlier today, refused to try them and decided he’d rather just hold out until the holiday ended. Stubborn kid.

Around 3:45pm, Poppyseed had had enough.

I’m hungry for chametz!

“What about some refreshing applesauce or some lovely carrots dipped in some spinach dip?”

Nothin’ doin’.

“If it’s Kosher for Pesach,” she returned, “I’ll just wait. The only thing I am hungry for is chametz.”

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  1. Dadgiraffe permalink
    Tuesday, 6 April 2010 11:27 am

    This brings back some wonderful memories of my dear aunts–espcially appropriate having just prayed for the repose of their souls at Yizkor.

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