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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We’ve been home just thirty-six hours and are still readjusting to life away from camp.

Especially in the sleep department.

7:30pm is “Lights Out” at Beit Frummie. Let’s just say that the Littles rarely made it to be before 10:30pm. And Peach stayed up until 1:00am on our final night.

Also, meals no longer just appear. I have to actually make them happen here at home. Another drawback.

It is certainly much quieter without the other six hundred campers and nearly 200 staff members. Not as much ruach, though.


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  1. Wednesday, 21 July 2010 8:55 pm

    the “appearance” of meals has its upside, doesn’t it!? my kids are not happy about being home either.

    my oldest emptied the dishwasher without complaint, though, and sang camp cheers while doing it. perhaps all that clean-up va’ad work he did paid off!!! 😉

    • Frume Sarah permalink*
      Monday, 26 July 2010 3:06 pm

      That is pretty cool 😉 Welcome home to you too!!

  2. Sunday, 25 July 2010 8:42 pm

    welcome home. an adjustment, indeed. in other news, how much do you love the word “ruach?!”

    • Frume Sarah permalink*
      Monday, 26 July 2010 3:07 pm

      I LOVE that word. Ever since I was a kid. Probably because it was used all of the time at…CAMP!

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