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First of Four

Friday, 13 August 2010

Tonight is the first Shabbat of the month of Elul. Though we ought to carve out time each day this month to do some spiritual homework, daily reality often gets in the way. At the very least, then, we have four Shabbatot (yeah…that’s the plural form) between now and Rosh Hashanah which can provide us with time. Time to reflect. Time to consider. Time to draw closer to God.

Ninety Four: Rosh Chodesh Elul
Debbie Perlman, z”l

Fighting the langour of sultry days.
We begin the turning, back to You;
Moving against the heat of our hearts,
Against the anger inside, we turn.

Call us to begin the examination, Healing God;
Call for us to remove the garment of our deceit,
The fears that bind us away from You,
Chaffing at our tender miseries.

In the month of Elul, we begin the unlayering,
Peeling piece by piece the accumulated detritus,
Shaking it free, holding it to the hot light
To scrutinize as the year begins its ending.

In the month of Elul, we uncover our secrets,
Examining them with a truthful heart,
Counting the pulse beats of our life,
The selfish pressures we apply and resist.

Call us to the consultation of our souls,
For You are a God of healing and mercy;
Call us to begin without delay,
That Elul might draw us near to You.

Don’t leave the unlayering ’til the last minute. Use this time wisely and get started on this first of four.

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