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Calls it Like She Sees It

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

For the sake of Shalom Bayit this morning, Poppyseed graciously accepted my offer to wear the necklace I had chosen to wear today in lieu of the one she had chosen to wear and was now hanging around the neck of her “annoying baby brother.”

“Please be careful with my necklace, Poppyseed. It’s very special to me.”

“Tell me the story, Mama.”

Because with Frume Sarah, my kids know, there is always a story. And so I talked about my semester in London during undergrad. And how this was a crazy, impulse buy. I didn’t really need a black beaded necklace, but the random Mogen Dovid charms on the necklace made it too compelling to pass up. Where did I find such a treasure? Camden Market.

As I struggled to describe the open-air atmosphere to my seven-year-old daughter, who has been deprived of visits to Farmers’ Markets and swap meets, Poppyseed’s eyes grew wide with understanding.

I know what that is, Mama. It’s a shuk.

Yes. Yes, it is.

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