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Idolatry of a Different Kind

Friday, 5 November 2010

Though we are continuing our way through the Genesis narratives this Shabbat, Peach remains, where we find him throughout the year, happily ensconced in the Exodus story. More days than not, he devotes some amount of time to watching Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt.

He loves this movie. All three of my kids love this movie. Heck, I love this movie. Yes, I am aware of the artistic license that the writers take with the story. And, to be sure, there were some different choices I would have made. But I certainly prefer this movie as a cinematic reference point over the previous generations’ one.

And like his older siblings, Peach likes to recount the story, even playing out scenes with his toys. It was the following misquote, however, that stopped me in my tracks:

By the Power of *Bra!

[*Peach, I think you mean ‘Ra‘]

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  1. Sunday, 7 November 2010 12:19 am

    Many men have been swayed by the power of Bra. 😉

    • Frume Sarah permalink*
      Sunday, 14 November 2010 10:19 pm

      A very true statement.

      Of course, Peach is the three year old. A little young…

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