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You Just Never Know

Monday, 8 November 2010

Some much of life involves “chance.” Luck-of-the-draw. Fate. Karma. Bashert. Call it what you will. I am constantly delighted in the intricacies of human interaction and the lifelong effects they can have.

On March 9, 1955, a scrawny nine-year old brought home a rented cornet from his elementary school, fulfilling a life-long dream to play the trumpet. Dismayed to discover that his all-knowing fourteen year old brother didn’t know the first thing about horn instruments, a phone call was placed to neighbour boy who played the oboe. This fella hopped on his bike and soon-thereafter, the nine-year-old was holding the horn and fingering it as though he had been playing it from birth.

The kid grew up to be Tony Horowitz. [He started out as Tony Horowitz, of course, but ended up being THE Tony Horowitz.]
The fourteen-year-old neighbour kid? My Uncle Bardley.

It was a behaviour he would continue throughout his life. Someone needed help or had a question [or had to construct a diorama for a seventh grade Medieval project], Uncle Bardley would hop in the car and lend a hand.

It’s amazing to consider how life might be different without those moments.

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