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What’s Behind the Counter Now?

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Prior to the legalization of the purchase of condoms by unmarried persons in 1972, one interested in buying the said prophylactic was forced to walk up to the counter of the local pharmacy and request the item in question.

In other words, condoms were behind the counter.

With the ban lifted, and the sexual revolution in –you should pardon the expression — full swing, condoms were released into the aisles, available to all those in need.

(Though recently, for shrinkage control, condoms are once again behind glass doors.)

Joining the “keep it behind the counter” movement is my local Barnes & Noble. For that is where such titles as The Cannabis Grow Bible and others of its ilk are now located.

Because if they can’t read about it…

Or maybe it’s also for shrinkage control.

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