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St. Patrick’s Day Postscript

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Office

I got pinched today. More accurately, I was threatened with a pinch.

The hostess at a local restaurant, noticing that I was not attired in green, playfully remarked,

“I’m going to have to pinch you…”.

Her hand moved towards me.

Frume Sarah: I’m neither Irish nor Catholic.

She blinked a few times, as though I had uttered something in an unfamiliar language.

FrumeSarah: This holiday…it’s really a date on the liturgical calendar of the Church. And I’m Jewish.
Hostess: No way. I had no idea.
FrumeSarah: Um…the holiday is called Saint Patrick’s Day. That didn’t give it away?

Anyone wonder what else has slipped past her?

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  1. Friday, 18 March 2011 5:24 am

    Mmmm! I would hate to get pinched in a restaurant, whatever the reason.
    This woman does not seem to be the brightest America has to offer.

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