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And the winner is…

Friday, 30 December 2011



The amazing and incredibly creative Bible Belt Balabusta!!!

Her comment over here was chosen at random by

What did she win??

  • Mama Doni’s 2011 Parents’ Choice Award-winning CD, Shabbat Shaboom
  • a Mama Doni poster
  • a Download card for free Mama Doni songs (1 Chanukah song and 1 Passover song)
  • a Bag of Streit’s chocolate Hanukkah gelt.

HUGE thanks to our sponsors, Streit’s and Doni Zasloff Thomas a.k.a. Mama Doni, the lead singer/songwriter of The Mama Doni Band.

And even more thanks to Renee from Lessons from Teachers and Twits for dreaming up this whole thing. Not only did we spread a bit of #HanukkahHoopla around the web, but I acquired a bunch of new Jewesses (the one Jew is already a friend) to follow!!!

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  1. Friday, 30 December 2011 2:11 pm

    Hey, thanks!! And it’s my 20th wedding anniversary today, too. What a nice surprise. The Mama Doni will get major boombox play, and I’ll get to taste-test a gelt brand we can’t find in Nashville.
    Happy New Year!

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