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Danger Will Robinson

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fortunately, I has been forewarned. And, as “they” say, forewarned is forearmed.

Because had PC not cautioned me of the presence of “some sort of creature” that he’d seen scurrying about the garage, I’m not at all certain that I would have handled things very well…

Mom! MOM!!!! screamed Beernut, banging on the back door.

MOM!!! Didn’t you hear me banging?? It’s an emergency!

Now, Beernut is often screaming and banging. And most everything is urgent and an emergency. So I didn’t actually give his carrying on much thought.

MOMMOMMOMMOM!!! There’s a rabbit-squirrel in the garage!! It’s in a piece of trash. MOMOMOM!! Are you even listening to me??

What a ridiculous question. At his decibel and volume, it would take Herculean fortitude not to listen to the racket. And hey…what is a rabbit-squirrel anyway??


I was still stuck on the “rabbit-squirrel” thing.

Not a “rabbit-squirrel.” A rabid squirrel. Don’t you know anything???

Beernut is a pretty anxious kid. Usually it’s spiders or bees that really set him off, but lately he’s been on this rabies kick. So I sent him to see if Cue’s dad was home. Mostly to get him and those loud screeching sounds out of the house so that I could form a plan. It turns out that no one was home at Cue’s house. Or the other three houses that Beernut checked. But by then, I had already called our pest control guy to come and get rid of whatever it was that was in my garage.

The story should end here.

Not the actual creature.

But it doesn’t. Because Beernut, who was convinced that the entire ordeal was being mishandled, had called upon the kindness of the eighteen-year-old neighbour boy who is idolized by all three frummettes. And what eighteen year old boy would pass up the opportunity to maintain his hero status. Which is how I came to find him in our yard, valiantly trying to release the “rabid-squirrel” from the glue strip that the pest control guy had laid to capture…well…pests. There was something rather endearing about how gently he murmured to the creature as he gingerly unstuck it from the adhesive.

Oh…and it wasn’t a “rabid-squirrel” after all. It was a chipmunk.

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  1. Thursday, 3 May 2012 3:33 pm

    I heart your neighbor. What a mensch. He’s the rabbit-squirrel whisperer. 😉

  2. Thursday, 3 May 2012 11:47 pm

    Agree with Renee. Sounds like a mensch. And love the beernut came up with his own solution. Maybe that neighbor can babysit?

  3. Amitzah permalink
    Tuesday, 8 May 2012 4:15 pm

    You have awesome neighbors.

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