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Around the Blogosphere: The Rebbetzin Rocks

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Frume Sarah is out and about today.
Best gift of the day came from Beernut. He did not wake me up this morning.

That’s right. I slept until I woke on my own. At…my predictable 9:30am. Apparently, that’s been my natural time since I was born. Of course, Beernut doesn’t understand how that was a gift and has spent much of the day complaining that he didn’t get to give me anything.

Poppyseed and Peach each had some lovely things that they had made. And I sat through one of Peach’s soccer games in the heat because someone in scheduling thought this would be a swell day to have soccer.

And now?? PC called up a local spa and asked if they had “a ninety-minute forget she has a husband and kids treatment.” They said they had just the thing.

In the meantime, head on over to The Rebbetzin Rocks and see what I have to say about Reform Judaism. And for those who observe, Happy Mother’s (or is it Mothers’?) Day.

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