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Au Pairadise??

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Things are nisht gut in au pairadise! Our au pair has given notice. Apparently she doesn’t care for being an au pair. Too stressful. Too much work. Making her sick. And what she really wants to do is go to college. She’s been unhappy, it turns out, for about four weeks. Never mentioned a thing because “there was no point in saying anything until I made up my mind.” One way to approach a problem, I suppose. She has been accepted to a community college in a different part of the county and arranged to move in with two friends — classes begin on January 8th!

As for us? We go back into the system and begin again. We are a little gun-shy, but feel better prepared this time. And though in any situation both sides are responsible, it is clear to us and to the agency that at least 95% of the blame lies with the au pair and not with us. 8% of au pairs are just not suitable and somehow get through the whole process before anyone figures that out. We’ll start looking at candidates and hopefully will find a good match in the next couple of weeks. It will then take about 6 weeks for the new one to arrive in our home.

It’s a darn good thing that I’m a calm person by nature or else I’d be totally freaking out right now 😉

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