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Au Pair Update

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

So here’s the news that’s fit to print:

Au Pair (A/P) is here until January 5th. Apparently we have to house her for two weeks after the exit interview. We are not letting her drive since (a) she dinged our car and (b) never got us the paperwork that we need to insure her. So the kids will be spending a lot of time at home over the next two weeks.

We’ll start getting applications tomorrow. One thing that we’ve made very clear — the new A/P must bring driving record WITH HER!

So for now, we are looking for someone to do the pick-ups two afternoon a week until the new A/P arrives (which, God-willing, will be in February). My parents are being awesome and will do the schlepping the other two days. And, of course, I’ll do it on my day off. Quite a change from the nice consistency we’ve had the past two months. But this is temporary. Just hoping that we’ll be able to find someone who is willing to do the driving — and is only looking for a temporary job.

We’re not prepared to write off the entire au pair process yet. It has been discouraging, to be sure. However, I’ve known many families who have had a wonderful experience. Hopefully we’ll be one of those families.

In the meantime, we just soldier on. It’s a little awkward having someone live in your home who doesn’t really want to be there anymore. But, as the story goes, it could always be worse! (Pooh-pooh-pooh)

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