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So in Love

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I am besotten by my son! Utterly. Completely.

We survived our first week with me back at work. Of course, I really mean that I survived. Peach is a laid-back, sweet kid who loves to be around people. So daycare is a dream come true for him. He’s got his teachers wrapped tightly around his chubby little fingers, and they hold him and play with him all day long.

I get to snuggle up to my breastpump.

Score: Peach – 1, Mommy – 0

So we spent most of the weekend together. Sleeping. Nursing. And gazing at one another.

Time well spent.

Tonight, I was reminded of the early days of my marriage when I would stare at my sleeping husband, memorizing every part of his beautiful face. I do the same with my children. But now, I search their faces for glimpses of the past (from me or PC) and of the future (the adults they will one day become). I love to watch my babies when they sleep. Beyond the obvious (they are so quiet!), a sleeping child is simply beautiful.

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  1. Sunday, 29 July 2007 1:06 pm

    I’m glad to hear that you survived your return to work. I’m sure it helps that Peach enjoys daycare and his teachers enjoy him.

    You are right, there is nothing quite like a sleeping child. I love to peek in on the sleeping Little as I make my way to bed each night; she is so peaceful and beautiful lying there.

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