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M’chayei HaMeiteem*

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

*part of the traditional statement one says when one has not seen someone in quite some time.

I know that you’ll never believe my excuse for being away for two weeks. But I could not have invented this.

Kids and I are fine. And the car should be back in the next week — I hope. We were not at fault, but that doesn’t make it any less scary to have your children in the car with you. It was on the 405 and luckily we were not moving when the car behind us didn’t stop in time. Thank God the cars sustained the worst damage.

I was really sore for a couple of days and then…


Yes. Again. I know….I know.

I am, thankfully, on the road to recovery.

In happy Frume Sarah news, I was quoted in a news release about a really cool new dreidel game called No Limit Texes Dreidel.

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  1. Saturday, 24 November 2007 10:45 pm

    The 405 and the 101 interchange is one hell of a nightmare.

  2. Frume Sarah permalink
    Tuesday, 27 November 2007 12:25 pm

    That is true, although we were in a slightly less complicated section of the 405…

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