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For All These Things…

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

So here I am, finally back amongst the living. I am still coughing, but am feeling substantially better. Peach, unfortunately, has been plagued with a double ear infection that is resistent to antibitiocs.

In any event, these are the things for which the two older kids are thankful —

Beernut: I am thankful for video games.

[yes, of course you are, my little Asperger’s son!]

And I’m thankful for my home. And for money so that I can give Tzedakah.

[Well, that just makes my heart sing!]

And I’m thankful that I have parents who love me. And for my temple. And for God.

Frume Sarah: Hey Beernut, I notice that you didn’t say that you were thankful for your sister.

Beernut (thinking for a moment): OK. I’m going to say that I’m thankful for my family and friends and just leave it there.


Poppyseed: I’m thankful for my mommy and daddy, my Bubbe and Zayde, for Beernut and Peach…and for my jewelry!!

Happy belated Chag HaHoda’ah!!

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