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A Glowing Recommendation

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A former colleague wrote me the following recommendation:

To Whom It May Concern:

Rabbi FrumeSarah first introduced me to Sephora when I was a newcomer to Orange County. Having been flagged as someone with panty lines and not so straight hair, I immediately went to Rabbi FrumeSarah for help. She not only modeled for me a new line of clothing that would better conform to my zaftig body, she also took me on a virtual shopping excursions, encouraging me to experiment with a palate of makeup as colorful as Joseph’s coat!

I whole heartedly recommend Rabbi FrumeSarah, who also lent me her machberet for an interview I was doing in Israel in Jewish history. While I failed to secure the fellowship I was seeking, I learned a lot about FrumeSarah, aka “Frumie”. I miss her and hope to visit and meet her newest addition sometime soon.

With warmest regards,

“Beltway Beauty”

In case you didn’t already know that FrumeSarah’s not your average rav!

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