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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I received the following link this morning with the message: “This will make you kvell!”

Mixed emotions, to be honest. It reminded me of those emails floating around the internet, listing all of the accomplishments of Jews or of Israelis. If only we tell the world enough times how wonderful we are, maybe they’ll accept us. Maybe they’ll let us integrate into society. Maybe they will stop hating us. Maybe they’ll even let us return home.

But maybe these emails and videos aren’t meant for “them.” Perhaps they are meant for those of us who still don’t get it. Who still look at Israel as something other. Something foreign. Something completely and utterly separate from themselves. Kinda like the second son. The wicked one. The one who proclaims “what does all this [work] have to do with you?”

Israel has its problems. Its complexities. And its conflicts. No one denies that. However, Israel, most of the time, does try to do what is right even when faced with impossible choices. She has given and given and given and in response the world says “give more!”

Wonder what would happen of the Native Americans asserted their right to return??

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