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Friday, 8 February 2008

First of all, huge props to MomGiraffe for sticking with our program today while watching lil Peach.

8:15am Peach started to seem sleepy but we made him wait til we got to MomGiraffe’s house.
8:40am bottle and down for a nap. Screamed for nearly an hour…

and then slept until 11:30am!!!

12:41pm MomGiraffe calls to say he seems ready for another nap (yay!!)

1:20pm we get home and after a bottle, Peach goes down…

for only about 20 minutes.

Whoa…what does the darn book say about that??

Well, it seems that he was still tired. And truthfully, the kid does have a cold.

So I brought him to my bed and he slept for…about two hours 🙂

And woke up with his eye sealed shut with gunk!


Guess who’ll be going to the doctor in the morning???

Anyway, things are looking up in the sleep department and I hope to return after Shabbas with more progress.

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