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And on the 7th day…

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Frume Sarah: You know, Beernut, one of the things I always loved about summer vacation was that I could read as much as I wanted…and whatever I wanted.

Beernut: Uh, Mom? That’s cause you are sorta boring.

FS: Loving to read doesn’t make me boring.

BN: Nope. Your love of sleeping is what makes you boring.

Boring is OK. Just as being a bit of a nerd is OK too. I have never been part of the popular crowd. But I haven’t lacked for friendship. Never surrounded by mobs of people, but having just the right amount of bosom friends.

SO it’s particularly exciting to be ahead of the trend! The “unplugged” trend, that is.

Katie Couric is embracing it:
Watch CBS News Videos Online

And everyone is talking about it:

Huffington Post
The New York Times
USA Today

I arrived at this place a few years ago. On Shabbat, I don’t Tweet. Don’t update my Facebook status. And I don’t check email. I think it drives my family, friends, and congregants just a little crazy.

But leaving the wired world behind allows me create a weekly Palace in Time.

A National Day of Unplugging is a concept as old as time. Literally. But sometimes it takes just a little branding to create the buzz.

So kol hakavod to the folks over at the Sabbath Manifesto. You guys rock!

Give it a shot. Unplug this Shabbat. Let me know what you think.

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