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It’s Not Really about a Bunny

Sunday, 21 March 2010
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I just don’t know how I might have been clearer.

  • I was wearing a Jewey T-Shirt
  • Among my groceries were a challah (no time to bake anything other than pie last week), Kedem grape juice (for Poppyseed’s Religious School class), and a variety of KFP items.
  • The checker and I had a brief conversation about the Kedem grape juice because she had heard “that it is the best-tasting grape juice ever.”

So I was a little taken aback when the checker asked me if my kids wanted to participate in their Spring colouring contest.

“Is it an Easter theme? Because…um…we’re Jewish,” I asked.

Oh yeah. It’s Easter, but it’s not religious or anything like that. It’s meant for everyone.


Why is it that my six year old (and possibly even the almost three-year-old) understand that both Christmas AND Easter are holidays for Christians and yet the concept seems to perplex so many adults? These are holy days and are inherently religious.

They weren’t actually intended to “be for everyone.”


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