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Coming Attraction

Monday, 29 March 2010

Busy, busy, busy with last-minute Pesach prep. As if I don’t have enough to do…

FrumeSarah: Poppyseed, would you like to wear your black, shiny ballet flats to seder?
Poppyseed: There’s a problem, Mama. I can’t find one of them.
FS: That’s OK. You can wear your silver ballet flats.
PS: That’s a problem too. I can’t find one of those.
FS: Hey…you can wear one black and one silver.
PS: That won’t work. The black and the silver go on the same foot.

Tomorrow is a chag so no post. But I’ll be back on Wednesday. Which is not chag. At least, not according to the Torah.

Here are some upcoming topics:

  • A seder in the White House. Any guesses as to what Frume Sarah thinks about that?
  • Is it OK for the court to determine a child’s religion?
  • More Easter shenanigans.
  • and what did the Frummies decide to do about kitniyot.

Until then, a zisn Pesach to you and yours.

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