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Cultural Sensitivity

Thursday, 22 March 2012

In my ongoing transition to life as a reluctant balebusta here in the cornfield — um, sounds as though I should have a theme song to insert here — I am embracing all types of new experiences. Most of which I didn’t have time to schedule in my old life. And because I spent so much time away from my family, I was loathe to accept many invitations that would keep me out yet another night.

Complete reversal. Now that my primary responsibility is the house and its occupants, I c-r-a-v-e activities and invites that get me out of the house…especially at the end of a long day. Which is when I can do the hand-off to the other custodial parent.

And that, my dear readers, is how Frume Sarah found herself at a women’s self-defense workshop last night.

A local dojo offers this workshop every other month and Poppyseed’s troop leader invited the moms for a Moms’ Night Out. How could I refuse? Spend time getting to know some of the other moms, learn some valuable skills, beat the heck out of something, and avoid the nighttime drama. There. was. no. downside.

There was only one point when I felt a cultural divide. When teaching us how to break free when someone grabs our shoulders, the sensei told us to put our hands together at chest level. How would we remember to do this in a dangerous situation? Because the natural thing to do is pray. And that’s the hand position. Easy.

Except for the Jewess in the skirt in the fourth row, second from the end.

Don’t worry; I chose not to say anything that might embarrass myself, my family, Poppyseed’s Girl Scout troop, the entire Jewish people.

But it is worth noting that cultural sensitivity means being aware that my framework might not work for everyone else. And I might want to consider that when choosing words, examples, or mnemonic devices.

As for me, should anyone attempt to assault me from the front, I’ll make certain to ask myself:

WWFMD – What would Fraulein Maria Do??

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  1. Friday, 23 March 2012 7:47 am

    Alas, we Jews have to pick our battles daily. Sounds like you were there to learn to protect yourself, not necessarily to fight. It’s a fine line. Truly. Keep your dukes up, Frume Sarah. 😉

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